We started camping about 7 years ago and honestly, it just keeps getting better. We have made so many friends and the atmosphere simply can’t be beat. This evening we had Hunter and Trevor along with Chase and the rest of our family including my Mom and Dad. Dinner was cooked on the grill with some wine and beer as appetizers. The kids played while we cooked and got the campfire going. Everyone comes together for the meal then the fun begins…..Karaoke is underway with Cierra and Butch singing to some country songs. The kids eat then are off to the playground where they swing as high as they can go…..their bikes are their means of travel so they are ‘free’ to find their way. They check in only to ask for permission to go back to the playground past ‘quiet time’ to have more fun. Smores are roasting and candles are burning. Honestly, how much better can it get?! I just have to share some shots of this evening…Ronnie and I are chilling right now awaiting the little guys to come back from their ‘fun’ and the girls are over at Grandma and Butch’s ready to settle in for the night…
oh no….Trevor didn’t recycle; dig it out 🙂
sing it Cierra…
the three stooges
Butch and Cierra
Only Butch….
just ‘a’ swinging’