Last night Cierra, Brittany and Brandon went to The Devil’s Den which is listed as one of the scariest attractions in our area. Cierra was a little hesitant but had been talking about it since Alissa shared the list of places to go. Shew….she made it but said it was really scarey! They stopped by to see us afterward and shared some parts. Britt and Brandon ate some spaghetti but Cierra wasn’t too hungry. Hmmm, still a little nervous?

Should we take the boys tonight?! I’m thinking I might chicken out since according to Cierra, there is a really long, narrow, dark hallway in the house. She also said there are many doors inside the house but you don’t know which ones really are doors. If you take the wrong one a witch makes sure to correct you, ha! I’m thinking I may just enjoy the peace and quiet of the campground while they venture out. Guess we’ll have to see!!