This week it’s all about those things we make or sell so this is another fun one for me –
A few years ago Mendie and I decided to learn how to quilt. We come as a pair so when we showed up for our first class at the best quilt store around, they didn’t quite know what to think! Neither of us had ever sewn before and didn’t own a machine. Well, that all changed quickly as we spent lots of evenings and even some PTO days among the nicest, most patient people LOL! We now both have our own sewing machines and can quilt, sew buttons on, hem and a few other things, ha!

While I haven’t been able to sew as much as I would like, here’s some things that I have made, all of which have been given away as presents. I love being able to say “I made that”!! The funny thing is that I have just as many ‘unfinished’ projects that are just waiting on me 🙂Patchwork placemats which were really challenging but turned out really cute!
This might just be one of my all time favorites. It’s an advent calendar with an attachment for each day. There are all kinds of buttons – really cute! I gave this to my sister-in-law for Christmas. A stocking for my nephew….. These dish towels were pretty fun, too. And this is my first of many rag quilts. I made it for Ronnie to take to Daytona as his Valentine’s Day gift a few years ago. I love it and we tend to fight over it 🙂

I also now have my own sewing room and it’s the best. I have been known to spend hours up there, not bothering a sole, in my own world, sewing away..