Many years ago (before Chase and Cierra were born) Ronnie and I went on the ‘ghost tour’ in Harpers Ferry, WV. We loved it and were fascinated by the stories and happenings that lend themselves to ghosts. Since then we have talked about going back and taking the kids for a few years but you know how that goes, it just didn’t happen.

Well folks, it finally happened. Tonight we took the Boy Scout Troop down to Harpers Ferry for the Ghost Tour! Ronnie talked with Rick the owner and got it all set up. We ate at Chick-fil-a then headed down to see Ma for a few minutes then met as a troop down by the train station.
After a few minutes, Rick appeared and asked for us to give him a few minutes. While waiting, I snapped some pictures and absorbed the beauty of this historic town just 15 minutes from us, ahhh! (we need to visit more often).

And so Rick appeared, dressed for the part! He explained how long he had been conducting these tours and what we could expect. He did ask if there was anyone with a digital camera. Yes, proudly I raised my hand. He ventured to say that some people had actually caught some really strange marks on pictures which have been thought to be ghosts. He even went on to explain how the color of these spots tells what kind of mood the ghost is in. He also said he would let me know where the spots where that were most apt to capture these unforgettable sights however in some cases ghosts truly didn’t like to have their picture taken. (what does that really mean?)

Off we go down through the streets, up to the top of the cliff by the church then down behind the buildings, everyone truly amazed by the stories and what seemed to be so real! At one point he even scared the kids, ha!

We ended up back where we started, sang a John Brown song and heard what happened to Rick on October 16, 2004. Wow…let me just say that is the anniversary of John Brown’s raid which wasn’t a very happy time…anger was definitely in the tavern where Rick was singing…..interesting.

So, what’s missing? Those of you that follow me and know me well will see that there is no group picture of the Troop or us. Odd, right. REALLY odd because this is where it gets scary. Back in the beginning when Rick was asking about digital cameras, he did mention that he had heard of situations where camera batteries went dead without reason however once the camera was out of ‘ghost town’, their battery appeared to be fully charged. I intentionally grabbed a new, fully charged battery before we left yet when I went to snap the group picture I had nothing. No lights, no flash, just a screen with a dead battery. Ok,just a fluke? Maybe but how does that explain this when I got home?