I know….most of your are going to crack up when you read on and find out that I have signed up for an on-line class! I just have so much time on my hands that I wanted to find something else to get into; yeah right!! And while it is Monday, this is NOT one of my crazy “not me, Monday” moments.

Today is the first day of my class – I have lots of classmates who will take this journey with me and I know we’re going to have loads of fun! With Blogging and Scrapbooking some of my all time favorites, how can I fail?! If any of you are interested, sign up here!!

I took these pictures a while back when I finished organizing my ‘scrap’ room and decided to get started on getting caught up. I will admit that while I’m not caught up, I have completed a few projects so YAY! me.

So stay tuned, I will have an assignment each day for the next three weeks. And to all my new classmates – Hello and I’m looking forward to learning some new techniques.