This week Kelly’s Korner is all about our pets!!

I have to admit, they really are a part of our family! I’ve always had a cat but when Santa dropped off a puppy nearly 5 years ago I was really surprised! (no joke either). I’ve never been a ‘dog’ person – they always seemed needy to me where as my cats have always just gone on their merry way and taken care of themselves. What can I say though, it’s very true that we will do just about anything to make our kids happy. So over the years, we have had lambs, a goat, a pig, a few lizzards, hamsters, salt water and fresh water fish, hermit crabs, but those that have survived the test of time are “Scanlon” (hunter) and “Java” (hyper), lol!

Scanlon was here first so tends to ‘smack’ Java around from time to time. He even teases by getting in her crate….

Scanlon has always been really good with our Christmas trees however has been known to lay underneath and play with those low hanging decorations…
And Java – where do I start? She joined our family during the busiest time of year but fit right in. Cierra was not too crazy about her but Chase started carrying her around immediately. The table turned within the first 3 months though and Java soon became Cierra’s best friend as well. Even today they fight over who she is sleeping with. It’s not surprising to see items such as “doggie stroller”, a carrier and even a doggie carseat on Cierra’s Christmas list. She has also completed two yaers of her 4H Dog project learning more about caring for Java. Although Java is a Jack Russell, she is very calm and loves to be included in our family outings. She enjoys being strolled around or even chilling out on the boogie board….She has even earned a spot in the motorhome so she travels with us most of the time.

So all in all, I have to admit that our lives certainly wouldn’t be the same without them!