Santa’s workshop was in full swing today! It was a perfect day to be inside working on that those special ‘hand made’ gifts. It’s so much more fun when the elves are willing to help and today, Cierra was all about working with me… my grandma (we call her MA) is always cold and we haven’t done much in the way of gifts for over the past few years so it was very fitting to make her a rag quilt. She loves green so I visited my my favorite quilt store and picked up some soft, woven flannels that make a perfect frayed quilt. So here’s where we started…
Here’s our stack of material –
Cierra marked the squares –
Next she sewed…..
Now they’re all ready to line up!
Is there a pattern? Let’s switch them around 🙂
Our first row –
We’re getting there!
And finally, here it is!

But wait! There’s still SEVERAL hours of snipping. Then wash and dry; repeat; repeat! (to get it to fray). We had a lot of fun today working on a special Christmas present.