Yes, I think we may have found it!
Ronnie and I love coffee and like to have some ‘flavored’ beans on hand. Tonight we found the best place to go. Greencastle Coffee Roasters in Pennsylvania. It was our night out so I checked with Ronnie to see if he thought we could make it there by 7:00 – of course, he was game so I headed out of work around 4, got home and hit the road again. How perfect too, since they are calling for a ‘significant amount’ of snow tonight and tomorrow. Take a look – I will admit I was overwhelmed with all the options. We ended up getting 10 different kinds..yay!

The owners were very nice – definitely gonna be a ‘regular’ place we shop.
Of course we had to stop and eat. We met the nicest server who talked about her five year old and his wish list for Christmas then we headed home. And…yes, it IS snowing, the woodstove IS burning and we DID brew a pot of coffee. So tomorrow morning when we get out of bed (hopefully late) we have options….which will it be!?