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I’m sure weight loss was on many people’s New Year’s Resolution list. It certainly should have been on mine but I am not really good at sticking with a routine so spared myself having to post in my update that I failed.

Keep in mind that I don’t drink soda or sweet tea. The drinks that make up my day are typically water and unsweetened tea. With that in mind, there’s not a lot I can cut out from that perspective. I also already eat either eat yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast so not much there either 🙂 So what does that leave? Well, to start off, cutting out those yummy cheese steak sandwiches I love so much and pizza from Brown’s! We eat dinner late which we all know isn’t good when it comes to eating then going to bed…those pounds seem to increase overnight.

But, here are a couple of things that I actually like to do and have proven effective for me.

Wii Fit – it is fun and with the many activities it stays interesting. I love getting to the 30 minute mark and having my trainer/coach get excited and cheer! Look, Kayden even enjoys working out!

Our treadmill – I enjoy that 1/2 hour as well because I walk slow enough (lol) that I can read and then when I speed up I can either watch TV or listen to my docked iPod.

This last one I haven’t actually tried but when I saw the results of Amanda’s program, I was definitely motivated and wanted to shed a few pounds and firm up what I have…she has so many ideas on her blog – check it out!

With the recent rearrangement of rooms in our house, we freed up a bedroom and are turning that into our workout room. It’s not completely finished yet but we have the tradmill, ab lounger and Wii in there. Now it’s just a matter of motivating myself to get with it.

Now it’s time for a confession…. One of my employees gave me a huge variety pack of this for Christmas. I love chocolate. Any kind of Chocolate. I can (and do) eat chocolate any time of the day. Pretty sad but….this certainly didn’t help my addiction. Just last night while in CVS I was so excited because these packs were actually on sale – 2 for $6. Not gonna share how many I bought but what a deal, ha! I’m sure you agree that with habit like this I really must find a way to maintain my weight and stay fit!!

Feel free to share your ideas and program – click on the picture at the top of this post and add your link. It’s always fun to see everyone’s ideas.