We’ve gotten A LOT of snow this year so we are pretty much ‘over it’! It started snowing before I left Frederick today so when I got home I found this in the driveway πŸ™‚Yes, he is making the best of it! But he did have a nice fire going for me….one of us is always around but he is very particular with how he gets the woodstove going. Cierra was making a ‘veggie pizza’So I decided to finish up a ‘project’ for an upcoming baby shower – I love doing this stuff!! This isn’t the final pick but I liked this one and wouldn’t want to disclose the ‘pick’!Next I moved on to making Kayden a shirt for Valentine’s Day. I really wanted to do this but it didn’t turn out ‘perfect’. Maybe she can wear it to bed, ha!And then there’s this…..Cierra came up and asked if I had taken a picture of the trees yet. This doesn’t do it justice! This is a beautiful, wet, heavy snow that has all the trees and woods covered. So beautiful but I am too lazy to go any further than the front porch to get pictures.

So, not sure what you’re doing tonight but we’ve been busy πŸ™‚