although I have to admit I was feelin’ pretty guilty this morning knowing everyone back home was dealing with another blizzard :(.
Unfortunately this was one of those situations where I had to put my ‘big girl panties on’ and deal with it! Which meant having lunch here…(and sitting in this booth) before going to visit one of my favorite guys…Needless to say Cierra and I had lots of fun….

Since Cierra and Chase are official Disney Pin Traders, we had to search for the Limited Edition Valentine Pin….

Then we spent the next hour (plus) in Lego Land waiting for Chase to figure out what he wanted to buy…..(he changed his mind many, many times)
Of course I had to make a stop at Ghiradelli’s!!

Then we headed to Celebration, FL.
The past couple of years we have ‘wanted’ to find this place because our previous pastor suggested it however we never seemed to make it there. Well – we made it! And it was so worth it! This is a little town referred to as “the town Disney built”. We were told that Disney didn’t have any plans for another park but had to do something with this piece of property thus Celebration was built. It is a quaint town with rocking chairs all around a lake. There are many shoppes – just a beautiful place! We were glad we finally took the time to go there.Next up…..some yummy chocolate covered strawaberries with my ‘purchase of the day’
– Cierra spent the night with Grandma (seems odd to say that when we’re in a different state) so we dropped her off then home for some appetizerswhile Chase man worked on his new project….Good night y’all!