I am a gadget queen – cameras, cell phones, iPods, computers….I love it when new stuff comes out! (speaking of that…..I’m on a waiting list for the new iPad; Can’t. Wait.!!)

Anyway, I don’t use my blog for anything other than capturing memories…..don’t advertise nor have any (current) intention of making money from blogging but I felt compelled to share this one gadget that we so love!

We have always had a ‘wireless card’ from Sprint but prior to this we had one that plugged into the USB port. Only one person could be on at a time and had to have software installed on their laptop. This little guy is ‘standalone’ and can be set up as a hub allowing up to 5 of your friends/family to be on-line! Yay! This gadget definitely got overused and abused on our last trip. It wasn’t unusual to have 4 laptops running from this and it was even quicker than the KOA connection! Cierra and I were connected many hours of the road trip, too. Love it!

So, if you’re like me and really need to stay connected, check this out. It’s called the Sprint Mifi.