Shepherdstown is another one of those ‘quaint’ towns that is so close to us but we just don’t seem to visit much. It has been several weeks since we made it out on Friday night so we were excited to get back on schedule. Ronnie called me with three options: Japanese, Longhorn or Alway’s Rons. I was to decide before I got home 🙂

I’m home and of course, couldn’t make a decision. So – we pop a cork on one of the fine wines we bought in Florida and talk about what we want to do. In the mean time Ronnie has to call one of his friends to talk about Mendie’s “leave me alone” story. During that conversation Lyle Campbell invites us to their ‘outing’. Yippee; no decision by me.

So off we go to Shepherdstown! Our first stop is the 3 Onion lounge….
it is a very quaint place and we had the whole room to ourselves. It looked just like our living room..which was perfect for some pictures…

Then we headed to Kazu…
a potentially dangerous walk was upon us……
The food was great, we had the ‘lunch box’ – everything at once in it’s own little compartment (perfect for those of us that don’t like our food touching, ha)
Kiya even taught us how to read the chop sticks, lol! (she made sure we held them just right 🙂
Ronnie and I ate Sushi for the first time (I know pretty pathetic that we haven’t tried it before) We eventually ‘closed’ the place downthe we went window shopping ….I have always loved this historic building
we really need to visit more often. So thanks Lyle Campbell and Kiya for a really fun night out!