Real work; like my job type work but somehow I just haven’t found time to buckle down and focus. It’s been a really fun, busy, satisfying weekend though 🙂

We had a great evening out Friday night, Kayden came yesterday afternoon (for the night, yay) then we had the annual 4H Family Dinner, church this morning, several scrapbook pages done, I finished up my first lesson in Unit 2 of my NYIP course, I figured out how to add a post divider and I made these delicious au Gratin potatoes for dinner!
Thanks to this blog I found several recipes I really want to try. These potatoes were really good and a hit here on ‘the corner’. fyi – I used marble cheddar cheese which is why you see the light and dark cheese. I am also thinking next time we might add bacon and maybe mushrooms (just maybe because I don’t like mushrooms). I highly suggest you check our her recipes if you are looking for something special, different or just plain tasty!