Isn’t it fun to win something? When we were in Daytona Ronnie had Dale Jr. autograph a hat he bought but it ended up being too big (imagine that 🙂 So he decided to donate it to Pack 95’s annual pinewood derby today as a raffle item. This guy won and was sooo happyHis luck hasn’t been the best lately as his family is dealing with some very difficult and challenging times but I have to say that when I was talking to them about their situation his wife put it all into perspective very quickly for me. I was very concerned and told her that I hated that they had to deal with this and I know it must be hard. She quickly set me straight by saying “you know what? it could always be worse. As unfortunate as this is, we are a healthy, strong family and will get through this!” Wow – what a great way to look at those life events that come our way.
We are very blessed to have met so many wonderful families through Cub Scouts.