While we were in Daytona we needed someone to come and take care of our fish tanks. The Lilly’s have been friends of our’s for several years and their son Brian loves to earn money and is very responsible. He knew it was an every day commitment regardless of the weather, but he still wanted to help us out. So, every day the Lilly family would come by and take care of our fish even with an extra 8 inches of snow that came after we left.

I have been wanting to post his picture but didn’t have a ‘good’ recent one until today. Due to a ‘minor family emergency’ we had these two this evening so I used the opportunity to finish out this post. Thank you Lilly’s and I loved the WELCOME HOME written in the snow on my car!
These two kids just go with the flow. It’s getting late so we stopped by and got their pj’s so they could be ready for bed when Denise and Darryll get here. Amanda is 5 but never questioned anything. They ate, got a shower/bath and are now resting. Amanda did tell me that she reads a book and says her prayers in her bed so we may have to compromise on that one (wink, wink). Oh and by the way, I was really glad we grabbed their tooth brushes – this was the picture before she brushed her teeth……