When we first got into saltwater fish we visited this place often. It’s about 2 hours away in Pennsylvania but so worth the trip. A week or so ago we decided to plan a family trip to Lancaster County and enjoy the scenery, food and shopping. As anticipated, plans changed so Ronnie and I ended up going alone. We got a late start with our first stop being our coffee house. Next up Hobby Lobby to pick up some things that had been on our list for a while then we arrived at our final destination….We picked up 3 fish, a feather duster, an anenome and some crabs.

The food is always great in this part of PA especially when it’s a family owned restaurant. We decided on this one and it was just as expected – home cooked and yummy!With full bellies and dessert for later, we headed home. We got everything settled in the tank then off to bed.
Anyone agree that Lancaster County is full of great places to eat?!