and we thank him for our food.

Our management team has been looking for things to do in our community. Today was our first adventure. We served lunch at the Frederick Rescue Mission and truly witnessed individuals from all walks of life. It was certainly a humbling experience with each meal started off in prayer.
I personally learned a lot – how they make money to off-set their expenses, who lives there, who they feed and also that many of the local restaurants and convenient stores donate ‘out dated’ food to the mission which then becomes available on a first come, first serve basis. It’s amazing how happy a loaf of bread, small pack of donuts or package of lunch meat makes an individual. So many things my family (and I’m sure many others) take for granted……
When we arrived there was already a line formed outside. There’s certainly an advantage of getting there early. We also learned that on days like today (windy and rainy) many of the ‘tent people’ don’t come out. They don’t want to take a chance getting wet because then would have to get back in their tent wet. Wow.
We have decided to make this a monthly activity and hope to find other ways to give back to our community as well. I would love to take my children there to help. Wouldn’t it make them appreciate what they really have?!