Nope, not basketball but March is the time of year that Chase and Cierra purchase their 4H animals so it does get a little ‘mad’ around here.

Our first stop was to Joe and Debbie Frey’s for Cierra to pick her lamb. (it took a lot of thought) She had four to pick from and this little guy was her choice. Too cute! Of course his brother was very interested in what was going on. He was born on March 7th so she will be on a mission to find a ‘fitting’ name.
Next up? Karlie’s house. She’s a new friend to us and very sweet. She has been raising Boar goats since 2006. This is her last year in 4H but plans to continue to breed goats which is a really good thing for us. Chase had three to pick from – this little cutie was his. They were immediate friends 🙂 He was born on March 2nd so we’ll have to see what Google search has to offer for a name.
Our weigh-in is April 24th and since they were both born just a little while ago, we may not be able to bring them home to stay until after weigh-in.
Regardless, the kids are both really excited about their new family members =) Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be lots to share about them over the next 5 months.