Although the weather was a little more ‘brisk’ than I like Spring to be we had a pretty full agenda so were thankful everything we had to do today was inside.

Ronnie didn’t really get involved in church until we met but has become very active in our little church on the hill. This morning he became a member! It was pretty interesting because most of the people of our congregation didn’t know he wasn’t an official member since he is always helping out and very much a part of everything that goes on. Pastor Joanna has really made a big difference in our church. She doesn’t just show up on Sunday mornings with a sermon, she decorates, serves at our dinners, coordinates our Second Sunday Supper and so much more! Honestly, she is probably one of the reasons Ronnie ultimately became a member.
Our church is very small and we have experienced our share of tough times but it is very quaint and I love how it is decorated for every season.
I love the palm branch and rock in the window…This is a Lent tree that Mom’s Sunday School class worked on. The nails represent Jesus being nailed to the cross, the pretzels – people praying, the pennies – 30 coins and the purple ribbon “the color of lent”.
After church we were invited to Pack 95’s Annual Blue & Gold Banquet. Chase moved up into Boy Scouts last year however had never officially ‘crossed over’. He was included in their ceremony and crossed over with Brian. This means that he finalized all the cub scout duties and completed all the requirements. Before he steps over the bridge, the blue shoulder loops are removed. Once he crosses the bridge, he is greeted by the Troop at which time his new green loops are added.

I know it’s probably just me but this is a very touching event.

So now it’s baseball schedules, e:mail clean-up and time for that long overdue sorting of those pictures from last weekend.