I have lived in West Virginia ALL my life. I have always liked the color combination of navy and gold/yellow and certainly wear it proud. My dad has followed WV basketball for many, many years and travelled back in the day when Jerry West played. So, with that in mind he is very happy (as we all are) to see WV make it to the Final 4! Looks like a party next Saturday, woohoo!

I never attended WVU, actually never even been on the grounds. Only watched the latest basketball tournament because it’s what’s been on TV, never even been to a Shepherd University football game that has a beautiful field all painted up in blue and gold. So can I say I am a diehard WV fan? Nope, absolutely not. But what I can say is that Ronnie and I are this cheerleader’s biggest fans!So….with alot of excitement I want to say GO WV!