Really?! Yes, that’s right and it was sooo much fun!

Thanks to Pastor Joanna, the kids were invited to attend Zion Episcopal’s 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Cemetery! We got there around 7:30 p.m. – there were about 25 kids – and it wasn’t dark yet! So what must they do but play games…..that’s right. Games until it was PITCH dark. Then we walked across the street into the church yard which contains the cemetery in which George Washington (and lots of other well known people) were buried.
Wow – the kids (each with their Dewalt flashlights) were off to find those hidden eggs. Luckily Cierra had Mckenzie and Chase had Dyland and Bradley, haha!
They were free to go throughout the cemetery, only to be respectful of the tomb stones. Ewww…..we even found one that was cracked open…..they must have been out for the evening..urgh!It was pretty scary walking through this cemetery in the dark if I must say so myself. I was recruited to take some pictures for the Spirit of Jefferson so felt like I needed to make my way all through the cemetery. Oh my!

It was really a lot of fun and of course, Ronnie is already figuring out how we can incorporate something like this into our LUMC Annual Trunk or Treat! So, stay tuned =)