What a beautiful day and a beautiful little princess….After church Kayden found some eggs,
she swung in her new swingthen took a nap. Dinner was at 2 so we headed over the river and through the bridge to Grandma’s house!

We all L.O.V.E spring – the trees are blooming,
the motorcycles are out,the golf cart is filled up with gas,the go cart is running (wink, wink),the four wheeler is jumping the cattle crossing,puppies are learning to walk on a leash,the baby goats are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air,families are together…The “Ghetto Goat Farm” is hopping!We get to see Brad and Tracy….I think you get the point … it was a great afternoon for our Easter Dinner – thanks Mom!and Happy Easter to all!!
P.S. Matthew – we missed you!