and this….
and these
add up to a whole lot of fun for Ronnie’s Boy Scout troop!

The Brass Anchor in Frederick holds what is called “Discover Suba” classes free of charge (a one time deal) for individuals to see if they like scuba diving. They also just got certified to help Boy Scouts receive their merit badge for scuba diving. It is great having something so close yet SO fun! Everything was explained in a classroom setting then they hit the water for the ‘real thing’. Listening was imprtant…
The boys had a great time.
Chase and Ronnie are psyched now and have all the paperwork to become certified before our next trip. The Boy Scouts are also planning to earn and raise money so we can go to Little Maho Bay campground on St. John within the next few years, too! You know I’m in, lol. One of the other moms and I have agreed that we should probably stay at the Westin instead of roughing it in tents 😉