Ronnie and Cierra have been ‘in charge’ of Butch’s goats while he has been away. Saturday was one of those days that every hour was accounted for. Right out of bed he went to feed and found these…..

two of the pygmy momma goats had their babies (or so he thought). One each. He did good and got his camera, taking pictures of each just for me :).

We headed out as planned but were able to check on them shortly after lunch. Hmmm Cierra suddenly realized that one of the momma’s really wasn’t a momma, haha. She had no ‘milk bag’ and didn’t show any signs of just having a baby plus she wasn’t ever thought to be pregnant. Now what? Oh, that would mean that both babies belonged to the other momma. Uh oh…she wanted nothing to do with this one…….we have tried everything. Cierra has searched the web but finally caved and bottle fed him. He gobbled down an ounce or so and seems to be full of life! And she knows first hand about bottle feeding baby goats – here’s two she does every day
We decided to keep him in with his brother and momma in hopes that she will change her mind and decide to feed him. Who knows but Ronnie and Cierra are doing all they can to help them survive until Butch and Grandma get back home!