I have spent the majority of the past two weeks on the road. Alone. Working. It doesn’t typically work out that I’m gone that long but for some reason everything was scheduled close together.

This past week I was in Minneapolis…..not a fan of the big city but will tolerate in small doses. One thing pretty comical was that my rental car had tags like this….Pretty funny that I went all the way to Minneapolis to drive a car with Virginia tags 🙂
I did go here…at least twiceand ate here…only oncebut it is a ‘regular’ for me. I also met lots of new people I have been working with. It’s always nice to put a face with the name.
All that was great but this is always one of my favorite things to see! It’s the simple things, right? Our site is probably one of the few that don’t have one so people always laugh when I want to go take a picture, haha!
Regardless, I made it home safe and sound last night with no travel plans for the ‘near future’. It was back to normal quickly – Ronnie, Chase and I went out to dinner. It was fun to catch up on what had been happening while I was gone.
Today it was very windy! This is what the ballfield looked like while Chase was practicing.
But….Kayden and I sat in the car where it was nice and warm without dust blowing all around us! It was nice spending some time with her today….it’s been too long.

Chase and Cierra have friends over and we’re watching the race. Tomorrow is MOTHER’s DAY! I hope all the Moms out there have a wonderful day!!