Unfortunately we didn’t make it to church today although I was sure to read my daily scripture…..I really do have so much to be thankful for 😉

A yummy breakfast (egg, bacon & cheese wrap) then we just lounged around until early afternoon. We did a little shopping in Martinsburg then home to play with my new toy…..The videos I’ve taken so far probably wouldn’t interest you but I have to admit it’s easy to use, convenient to carry in my purse and really good quality!
This little guy doesn’t have his ‘mommy’ but appears to be content with Cierra.He even has a ninny for comfort, ha!The girls and I ate some delicious strawberry pound cake then visited with Mom for a while. Britt and Cierra relaxed in the hut tub…..It was a wonderful day! Thanks to all of you -Ronnie, J, Ash, Kayden, Britt, Cierra and Chase!