Yesterday was a beautiful day! Sunny, lo humidity and mid 70’s – perfect baseball weather and it’s a good thing since the Pinnacles had THREE games to play.

We headed our around 6:30 yesterday morning in order to arrive here…
for a 9:00 game. We struggled a bit with this team but overall played pretty good. The team we played was what’s considered a ‘major’ team while the Pinnacles are AA. Final score 7-2.
Next game – 3:00 p.m. Uh oh, another major team. But that’s ok, we gave it our best again – final score 10-5, them :(.
Final game of the day – 8:00 p.m. – Our boys have always done better with late games and they were ready to play some ball! Third inning – 0-0 – shew! Eventally we got some runs and we were “up” but unfortunately during the top of the 6th, they got ahead and we just couldn’t pull it off. Final scrore 5-3.

Chase caught all three games so was pretty tired by the end of the day. He got in a run down which always gets me stressed out (sigh); ended up out but he gave it a good try…Really, how many from the Red team does it take to get him out, ha!
He got a few out, too!
It was a good day of ball! This was the first time these boys had played together and it was really good practice as they gear up for the Memorial Day Tournament. We are proud of our team!