The 6th annual Ray Miller All American Soap Box Derby is next Saturday! Wow, really? Oh my – so this means getting weighed in (Chase and car can only weigh 230 lbs) then running through a very thorough inspection…. prepping the wheels then getting impounded until about 5:00 am June 5th.

So let’s see….hmmmm a tighter squeeze this yearAND 15 lbs over.
Now, some weight adjustments…..
ahhh just right.
Inspection time…..
Now where do the wheels go? Let’s see which is fastest…
Ok, all done now ready for loading in the rack and onto the Mayflower.
It’s amazing how much goes into this ‘one day race’ behind the scenes. The oard members have been meeting since last year and for the last month have talked and e:mailed daily. The winner of each class (Stock and Super Stock) goes on to Akron for a CHAMP fun filled week.

More on this next week ‘after’ the big day! See ya’ next Saturday on the hill in Ranson!