Wow, what a difference a year makes! This year the bins were packed with minimal help, loaded into the car and they were ready to go.

Cierra had plans to bunk with two friends so quickly made her way through check-in to ‘save two spots’.

Chase on the other hand had no plans but gathered his stuff and headed off to his cabin. Looks like he’s hooked up with one of the Camp Counselor’s again this year =) He didn’t even want me to help make his bed but I did anyway.

He was already attending the first camp meeting…..

Love the shirts this year –They can tye dye them if they choose….
I signed both in and left them behind for a week of fun. Whew – check out the schedule: I did manage to get Chase’s attention before I left (I whispered “I love you, have a good week”) he really did want to smile, lol!I am so happy they are a part of the 4H program – this is just one of the ways they learn to grow.

And then of course, camp wouldn’t be camp without Natasha and Cassie =)
Spotted this on the way out – The Lost and Found Cabin – I’m sure something of Chase’s will end up there, ha!Mean while…back at the ranch, steaks are marinading and I’m sorting through piles of papers that have been calling my name for weeks, lol. I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be a quiet week here on the corner.