Ronnie and I arrived at Camp Frame today in time to witness the final activities – the last “mail call” for the week

then lowering the flag….some of the campers were very sad to see the week come to an end.

Chase and Cierra seemed excited to see us but really had a great time. It makes me smile to see the two of them together, making new friends and learning new responsibilities. Sigh….

Cierra learned to tye die….We were able to share in the final tribal circle then helped them pack up and say goodbye to some they won’t see until next year and maybe some they will never see again. (Chase does have a girl’s phone number written down the inside of his arm in red permanent marker, lol) But….they are already talking about next year =) Yay!

They both love Natasha….and Natasha loves Chase, lol!Chase and Garrett got along pretty good as bunk buddies =)
So….see ya next year, CAMP FRAME!
p.s. Cierra did tell me that some of Chase’s clothes ended up in the “Lost and Found Cabin” but he quickly said “Yeah BUT I got them back”, lol!