Monday IS absolutely royal treatment for the CHAMPS!

We made our way to downtown Akron by 7:30 a.m. to stand in line for Champ Check-in which started at 9:00. There really is no organization to the line…..just shear chaos with balls floating, buttons being traded and tons of t-shirts proudly showing winners names, cities and anything else important to these champs! The local Akron champs even come in a limo – wow!
There are police officers everywhere but this one is such a good sport! We have a picture of Chase with her 2 years ago, too =)
As we stand in line, we keep our fingers crossed that Chase’s car gets VIP. Basically what that means is that during inspection of the Champ’s car, everything is PERFECT! This also gets the driver and his car handler 1)special treatment, 2)a blue VIP badge that is worn all week, 3)more free time and 4)recognition for having a car with NO issues!
Ok, check in starts…they make their way up to the front …’s their turn – see the anticipation as they wait for his name to be found and see if it’s VIP?and…….YAY! Actually both cars from our Local Derby received VIP Status so “nice job Ronnie”!

Now it’s time for his police escort to Canal Stadium – too cool!He’s greeted and congratulated by several AASBD Officials…

Now, up on stage….time to sign the All American Soap Box Derby book..Now – here’s what the crowd loves!! Throwing out all his goodies
And here’s the bracket – Wow – that’s a lot of heats – with a lot of drivers. He drew lane 2 and runs against a girl from Kokomo, Indiana and a boy from San Diego, CA.
VIP’s get to attach their shell on Monday afternoon –So let’s get in there and get it done!!Each Champ gets a bag with ‘gear’. Three CHAMP shirts to be worn during the week, a sweatshirt and this year a watch! Pretty nice, huh?We headed back to Canal Stadium for an Akron Aeros game…there was a parade of Champs..and then there’s Orbit, lol!I think you agree Chase had a pretty busy day – but what a wonderful experience for these CHAMPS!
Tomorrow is day 2 – a much lighter day but stay tuned!!