We have known the Cobb family for many years thanks to our sons…Cub Scouts, Baseball, Soap Box Derby, Summit Point Speedway, etc. And in 2008 Texas and Chase both came to Akron representing different Local Races to compete in the All American Soap Box Derby Race. They competed against each other, but neither trophied.

This year both boys are here again – Chase in the Super Stock Division and Tex in the Masters Division. GOOD LUCK Tex and Chase!
We decided to get together last night for dinner at the campground and had a great time. It’s funny how you have to be ‘out of town’ to get together yet we live so close. That’s just the way it happens these days with everyone being so busy!
By the way – Greg is standing on a hill, lol! He’s really not that much taller than the rest of us.