If you’re not familiar with how the All American Derby runs, it’s a single elimination and not based on time. So – during the first heats, only one driver advances which means 2/3rds of the driver’s are done. Well – Chase just happened to be in that 2/3rd mix.

Megan Carden from Kokomo, Indiana advanced which meant Chase was quickly eliminated. While it’s tough to see the kids lose, Akron is very vocal about ensuring that each CHAMP knows they come to Akron as a champ and leave as a CHAMP, regardless of the results.

So many friends are made during this week. Not only with the children but with the families. It has been a very memorable week and we are honored to have a CHAMP among us.

Good Job Chase!

He moved on and is in the pool, planning the beach trip that we leave for on Monday. I must admit he’s a pretty good sport and knows what it is to win and lose.

Here’s some pictures from the day –

The Akron police start off the parade…All the CHAMPS ‘parade’ down the hill – Here’s my “favorite” champ =)Chase makin’ his way down the hill –it looks pretty close but Chase is actually falling behind…Looks like the ‘stretching’ exercises worked – he’s pretty low – A heartfelt thanks to all of you that followed him throughout the morning and sent all the “good luck” wishes – It was great!