is the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim. We have witnessed this a few times while vacationing in OC and have been known to schedule our trip around this event. It is definitely something to watch but you have to be patient. It requires getting up really early, sitting/standing in whatever the weather conditions bless you with and tolerating many, many people. But it is oh sooo worth it!

Back in 1998 my parents bought the house on the bay in OC. During many of our vacations I chatted with the lady that lived next door. Her name was Carollynn. We would sit on the deck at night, she on her’s and me on mine and talk about the weather, what books we were reading and anything else that came to mind. She told me many stories those nights. I liked her. Suddenly we didn’t see her as much. Was it because our vacations were off schedule? Eventually we saw some people next door that told us she has passed. How sad we were. Today we found out that she was really an angel….sent here for just a short period of time. Read this story and I’m sure you will believe as well –