Darryll, Denise, Brian and Amanda just happen to be in OC the first week we were there so we planned a day to get our families together. They arrived around noon and we decided to go for a boat ride. Shew – it rained, and rained, and thundered and was really windy. We all got soaked (to say the least) but no one complained. By the time we got back, the rain had stopped and were able to just sit on the deck and let the kids ‘do their thing’.

I must admit that the ‘deck’ is a popular place and loved by all. You just never know what’s going to be pulled out of the water next. In this case, I’m really not sure exactly what they were lookin’ for…This little guy was NOT Brian’s best friend, lol!but he was still smilin’ even after the attack, ha!The jet skis were a hit, too…..I’m thinkin’ Amanda got a little wet…As the day passed, we decided to get pizza for the kids and fix pina coladas for the women. Yum! I am an official Pina colada maker (and a good one at that!).

We wrapped up the day with a beautiful Sunset Cruise…..and lil Miss Amanda says this sunset looks just like a hamburger, lol! Through a child’s eyes….LOVE it!So, thanks Denise and Darryll, it was a lot of fun!More to come on our two week vacation but a certain little person (wink, wink) has been waiting on this one =)