It’s that time of year…..countdown to our County Fair!
Chase and Cierra are working extra long hours to make sure their projects are all wrapped up. This is Chase’s 3rd and final year for Woodworking. Each year he has to make two projects. I was later getting home tonight and when I pulled up it seemed like Chase and Ronnie were ‘up to something’. Chase couldn’t stop grinning. As I got ready to go in through the garage, Chase informed me that the door was locked so I needed to go in the main door. As I took my step onto the porch, this is what I saw…
hmmmm how does that work? A simple piece of wood holding a full wine bottle in the air?! Funny how a simple project can teach angles, gravity, following plans and not to mention the tools he used and finishing steps he took. I think he looks pretty proud, huh?
Now we just have to figure out how we put a ‘spin’ on it since it is a 4H project and alcohol is not allowed, ha!

Meanwhile Cierra is working with ‘Eers! He’s a pretty big boy and can be tough to handle.
Looks like she has him right where she wants him though =)

Tomorrow pretty much kicks things off for us. ‘Eers and Knuckles get sheared then it’s up early Saturday morning to head to weigh-in. Guess the saying “let the games begin” kinda fits!