Nanny’s =) It’s right on the way to the beach so we stopped and spent the evening with her. Java and Jazzy had some fun (of course they had to get acquainted first, lol)It was a nice evening so we spent some time outside….gee wonder what these two are talking about?Jazzy just kind chilled out – not bothered by Java…

Everyone was getting hungry so we headed off to our ultimate, most favorite pizza place in Salisbury….
The pizza was great – I think Nanny agrees, lol!

Full bellies now a little bit of fun…Cierra was determined to get that Sponge Bob ball….and….she did! (ok, with a little help from Dad =) Looks like Kayden has a new toy…

Hugs for Nanny then off to the beach we went…the weather is going to be beautiful!
Our view this morning……coffee in hand… is good!
Editors Note: This post was originally published with incorrect info….Jazzy is Nanny’s beloved dog….not Casey as I originally posted. Oops…..doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we could say Casey (Casie).