Well, it’s Bike Week in OC so bikes were in every nook and crany of the beach….I wouldn’t even want to guess how many are here. We don’t have a bike but Ronnie does often talk about what kind he is going to get when that lottery money arrives, ha!

This is typically what we saw…

But our day looked a little more like this – we picked up lunch for the boat…and bait to fish….then headed out on the water.
Before we knew it, three were sleeping =) Ronnie and I cranked up the tunes and enjoyed the ride…once we reached our destination, the poles came out –
and the rest of us just enjoyed the scenery –We headed back in with the ‘driver’ getting a lesson or where to go, lol!I think you’ll agree that bayside is much different than beach front, ha!

After showers Ronnie and I snuck off for a little bit to a place he found –it was a really neat place, to say the least.
Then we enjoyed this while the kids got ready for the boardwalk –On our way this bike caught our attention –and just maybe we got his (a smile and peace sign) =)Kids are dropped off at the boardwalk – (specific instructions…stay together, don’t leave the boardwalk area and call us if you need us)Then we headed here..for these….this is our first time this season for the AUCE meal and they were soooo worth the wait!

We walked along the marina and checked out some of the fishing boats then back to the boardwalk to pick up the kids. Check out their tattoos (behind the ear)
I just have to share something we saw on the boardwalk….I apologize for the quality but I had to be quick and not use flash so I didn’t get busted. But her shorts say “This is why I get my way”….just sayin’!