Whenever I travel, I just never know what kind of car I’m gonna get OR what state it will be licensed in. Today was a perfect example….Really? A Nissan CUBE?With Nebraska tags at that! Oh well – at least I get to try out many different makes and models.Whenever I travel, I miss my family and they are always on my mind. So Chase, this picture is for you…..check out the clover leaf ballfields from the plane!

And Cierra – Walmart actually had some Bob Marley t-shirts, lol (have Daddy take you there)And Ronnie – check out this ‘carpet’ circle on the dash of my car! We can use this as a nice little place to put our cell phones – no sliding around on this, lol!Now, for the rest of my family – Britt – got some great wedding ideas from my friends in Minneapolis! And J, Ash and Kayden – stay tuned….I haven’t made it to the Mall of America yet but surely something will ‘strike’ me before I head home on Friday!!