and the sun on our back was the goal for the weekend!

After a half day of work, lil bit of packing and then stopping off in Frederick for a dentist appointment, we headed across the bridge to the life filled with lazy days….We even got to see four Navy ships in some kind of training –Traffic was pretty heavy but thinned out once we hit Cambridge. I L O V E google – and look what we found along the way…..Home of this –and this is their story –We talked with the owner – it is a beautiful placewith a beautiful sunsetthis family was even enjoying the beautiful eveningWe hit the beach around 7:30…got unloaded, shared a bottle of wine then ended up here –My sister and bro-in-law shared the story about this restaurant so we had to check it out. Basically two guys were in business then Freddie died….so the surviving partner opened “Dead Freddies”. This was a great place and definitely rockin’! The crab melt was wonderful, ha!Then home and settled in because I just know tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, lol!