Chase had a scrimmage (that I rushed to) then we went home and figured out what we were having for dinner. Cierra was with Britt at Grandma’s so Chase had dinner in Crockett’s Tavern while we listened to some music and enjoyed a glass of this….
which does actually have a story and here’s how it goes – Last weekend while at the Wine on the Beach festival we saw these bottles EVERYWHERE. They were really pretty and nothing MUST do but I have one, right?! When we finally found the spot that sold these, we purchased 2, ha! But…we quickly discovered that they are actually imported from Germany – not a local winery at all. Oh well – we still enjoyed the bottle tonight.

Then – Britt comes in with this –
For those of you that know me, you know first hand that I have to have everything together, organized and readily available. Guess Britt knows me because this notebook will certainly come in handy. It even has a place where I can insert my own notebook pages, lol! I live my life by notebooks and journals just to keep me together.

But, we can’t forget that tomorrow is Homecoming for JHS and Cierra is VERY prepared – She painted her nails to match the school colors
AND coordinated Britt helping make shirts for her and Zana! LOVE her!

Now it’s some quiet time with my ‘main squeeze’ then who knows what tomorrow will bring!
Good night y’all!