Wow – it was such a beautiful day today we were able to hold our “Annual Pumpkin Carving” event outside! Yay!! Kayden loved it too, lol!

Here’s what it looked like before they started (except for Brandon….he was a little late)…Some came completely prepared for the job while other’s put together their plan at the last minute, hmmm. Looks like Cierra was getting some guidance from the ‘big sis’, hahaand these two were working away – pretty much everyone was working quietly –
Then Brandon arrived – no time to lose, started cutting right away!

Kayden and I took a break for a little while – A lot of progress had been made – a bucket full of ‘guts’!Oh no – gotta get the seeds out!Kayden cooked up some dinner for us –but this is what was really cookin’ – (all of my kids LOVE Italian so it’s easy to feed them =)

Pumpkins are finished up – All of our children are pretty creative but Halloween has always been the holiday that Jeremy has done his best work – I think you’ll agree, DORA looks perfect! They are all GREAT! Each one had meaning….A perfect photo op with all of them here….Brandon will be leaving again soon –Now Kayden wants to “hang out” in the tree – Here’s the ‘finished products’ all lit up!I am NOT a fan of the ‘blow up’ decorations but Poppy dug this one out and set it up for Kayden – she had a lot of fun poking and pushing them, lol!We said good night to all – What a wonderful day! Good food and fun makes me very grateful for the time we get to spend with our children. We have so much to be thankful for.