soon looked like this….Today was another beautiful day so we decided to go to one of my favorite places and ride bikes! This time we were blessed with Kayden going along…she would have NOTHING to do with a helmet so….we opted for her Dora hat (sorry Mom and Dad=).She figured out it was Kayden in Poppy’s glasses, haha!We rode over 8 miles – it was soooo beautiful! Ronnie and I decided it would be really fun to camp out on one of our Friday night’s =) I’m not thinking the kids want to join us, though!because it doesn’t look the RV will be part of the trip, lol!

But….we heard “a train a coming” – and Kayden was excited! And when it was gone, this was what we saw! Where did it go?

So…we opted for a photo shoot…
And Kayden’s Aunt Cierra LOVES her so – Then home for some DORA! Even Uncle Chase watched…Then some chicken on a Dora plate – now some Christmas shopping with Poppy! Wow, it’s been a really busy day =)