Nope, Friday wasn’t our typical night out. We had plans but the beauty of “our” time is that we can easily adjust when necessary. So – Chase wanted to go to the school for a Ghost hunt and Halloween party and Cierra had ANOTHER bomb threat so was picked up early from school by Brittany which meant she spent the evening with her.

Plan B? Of course, we enjoy some quality time right at home….sharinging none other than a special bottle of wine we loved at the Wine Fest on the Beach. Accented with some cheese and crackers to go right along with it. We have gotten really used to spending an hour or so several nights during the week watching GAC videos, just rocking the time away….can you tell me which video this is from?I love this song =)

We did get to meet Chase’s girlfriend’s family when we picked him up from the party. He ended up going there for a little while which landed us at an ‘old’ spot – Glory Days! We have spent a lot of Friday nights there so it was kind of nice spending some time there.

The weekend was jam packed so it was rather enjoyable just chillin’ out close to home. Funny how things always seem to work out just perfect.