There’s something about the song that The Band Perry wrote. I love it and sometimes it gets stuck in my head but I only hope it won’t ever fit our life….I don’t want to lose a child that hasn’t ‘lived’ their life. Don’t want to go through that….always want my children to out live me. But tonight….two families might be thinking about how this song fits SO into their life. At a little after 11:00 a.m. I heard our scanner go off. Shrill sounds. Constant. Panic heard in the voice of the dispatcher. An accident. Then I hear DOA. Multi Car. Entrapment. Priority1 patients. Oh no. I do what I always do. Find all my children. Shew – they are all accounted for. Thank you God.

Ronnie and Chase were helping a man with an old house today and I knew his phone had been ringing all morning as he is the coordinator of the “Scouting for Food” effort underway today. Unfortunately that didn’t matter. I called him. Explained how unsettled I was. An accident on the road we travel every day. Multiple times every day. Nothing I could do but listen to the scanner and pray that everything would turn out. I heard a couple of things that didn’t sound good. Like, send additional equipment “non emergency”. Why? Isn’t this an emergency? Or did this mean more than one person had lost their life?

A few hours later I decided to take Ronnie and Chase some lunch. As I made my way down this familiar road, I was stopped. Short of my exit. Detoured and from what I could see, the accident was still under investigation. Wow.

So I headed in the opposite direction. Dealing with unusual bumper to bumper traffic all around. But I told myself. It could be worse. I could be in the accident or know someone.

Hours later (nearly 4) the road was opened up. Still no real word as to what happened or who was involved.

Chase has plans to go to a party which means we have to travel that road. He hit it on the head. It’s sad knowing that someone died right where we just passed. Chills.

Cierra later informs me that two girls both of which I think graduated last year lost their life today. It’s all over Facebook. So sad. I read comments, look at pictures and can’t seem to understand why. I can only pray for their families. Pray they get strength to get through this traumatic, difficult time.

One of the girls was a best friend to someone we knew. Pictures of them together, vacations, graduation, just being ‘girls’ and now their lives will never be the same.

While we tried to move on, watching music videos, talking about the past week then making our way to pick Chase up so we could go out to eat. A great dinner. Good food and entertainment. Then…my phone flashes. A prayer request. Now not only the two young girls lost their life but two people that attended our church were also killed today. The woman was Jeremy’s kindergarten teacher. In the blink of an eye, four people lost their lives. Things won’t be the same for their family members. So sad.

But….this is a lesson I too need to learn. Make each day count. Tell those you love that you LOVE them. Treat others as you want be treated. Give your children and spouse a hug. Live life to it’s fullest…..and pray for those families dealing with this tragedy tonight. Just sayin’!