that our food bank NEEDS food. Which is why the Scouting for Food drive is SO important. This weekend approximately 12,000 door hangers were placed throughout the two counties asking people to help those less fortunate by leaving a bag of canned goods or non-perishable food on their porch next weekend sos it can be picked p and delivered to our local food bank. We had Packs, Troops, Crews and all boys and girls associated with Scouting as well as the American Heritage girls West Virginia 1148 participate in this effort.

Ronnie is the coordinator for the Mannahoac District which is Jefferson and Clarke counties. Each year for about 2 months this can be seen hanging in his office.
What is this you ask? Well….it’s a map of the county which reflects all the housing developments, and areas that can be covered by our groups. Here’s a close-up of a small area…Changes are constant with this and tons of e:mails go back and forth up to and even the day of placing the door hangers. It takes a lot of coordination and patience!

With this in mind, for any of you in the county that received a door hanger, THANKS in advance for helping out the county and for those of you that maybe didn’t receive one but want to donate, just let me know and we will coordinate getting your food. We get really excited on the day of pick-up when we see bags everywhere!