Last week our Pastor challenged the congregation to ‘double’ our money. She gave everyone in attendance a brand new, crisp $2 bill. Our goal was to double (or better) our money by the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Hmmm… and what shall we do with our $2? Well, we first decided to put all of our’s together. Now we have $8. Next we decided to bake some goodies and have a bake sale after church. And, that’s exactly what we did. We baked brownies, pumpkin bread, cinnamon streusel bread and oatmeal cookies, put them in our basket and headed to church.
During the announcements Cierra shared what we had done and let everyone know we would be back in the kitchen after church. Our results?! $48- Wow! The church is so supportive. Now we go buy more and keep working to raise additional money next Sunday. Not sure what our next goal is going to be but it sure is fun.