Being away for the past two weeks has been tough but Ronnie and I were able to sneak away to Lancaster this weekend. We left early with our first stop being our favorite coffee bean store. We typically make it there every 3 – 4 months and were overdue – picking up 9 lbs of flavored beans, ha! The funny thing though is we wanted a cup of coffee but that wasn’t an option so we went a few blocks and landed here. This was a really quaint house that recently was turned into a coffee shop. After taking a tour and listening to the story, we finally got our latte’s and headed north. One would think we were hungry with all these ‘food’ stops but we promised Cierra some cinnamon buns —-I love this little school –check out where they wash their hands. There are aways a group of bikes leaned up against the fence, too. So sweet. We always find the neatest things here –I just love the Amish country!

We hadn’t been to this winery in many years and were able to get some Christmas presents while shopping. I didn’t realize how many wines they really had and ya know, it’s cheaper by the dozen =)
These are EVERYWHERE –

I bet we are so annoying to them!

Oak is our preferred wood and have bought tons of stuff here – we always like to stop by and see what’s new….

Our bar is all hickory furniture and we were in need of two foot stools and a magazine rack –

It must be time for school to be out – check out these little men walking home with their lunch boxes..too cute!

One of my favorite things is to see all their clothes hanging out to dry. I swear they must wash every day because no matter when or what day it is, their lines are full. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how they got them up so high and then got them down, lol!

We had a yummy lunch at Bird in Hand Restaurant then started to head home. It was a little later than we planned which meant traffic was heavy. We detoured to a winery I found on my Blackberry and for a little bit I wondered if the Garmin was going to take us to one of those famous ‘dead end’ destinations. The winery ended up being in an industrial park and was nothing more than a metal building. Pretty interesting once inside – they had Margarita Wine (never heard of this before) and several other whites and reds. We didn’t end up buying the Margarita one but did buy Queen Anne. Not one of our favorite wineries but definitely glad we stopped.

We didn’t make it to our friend’s Silpada party unfortunately but did get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done and it was a nice ‘escape’ from reality for a while.