I have always preferred glass over plastic. There’s just something about having iced tea, orange juice and even wine for that much in a glass. It tastes funny in plastic, right?

Well Ronnie most definitely prefers plastic….let that be known. So whenever Cierra or I are unloading the dishwasher and drop a glass you can only imagine the look we get. Heck, many times we have even hidden the evidence; cleaned up the mess really quick and not even told, haha!
But – for the past month I have been complaining about my foot hurting. It would come and go. With my travel schedule it never worked out to go to the dr. This morning though, it was TIME to go to the dr. because I could hardly walk. It certainly didn’t help that I have walked miles in the airport lately.
Off I go only to have my foot x-rayed, numbed and cut to remove a famous piece of glass, ha! And now it would be wrapped up and I’m off work til Monday. Perfect timing. Not only have I been out of town and not ‘at work’ for a while but now it gets extended a few more days (sigh).
A few lessons have been learned: be more careful when putting away glasses, be sure to clean up every little piece and have everyone else use glass so what I have to handle is limited. Regardless, I will still drink from a glass….just sayin’!